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Avoid Tenants from Hell

Let our qualified, experienced staff cherry pick the best tenants for your properties. We take the hassle out of advertising, letting and managing your properties.

Let us, the professionals, help you AVOID THE TENANTS FROM HELL
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Redfords Properties Cork

Are an independently owned letting agent. With a fantastic customer care service, you can be secure in the knowledge that you are in great hands with Redfords.


About Redfords Properties

  • Redfords Properties are a well established agency serving Cork City and suburbs.
  • The team of agents will handle all aspects of renting and managing your property. From the initial meeting to the successful move in date and ongoing care. Redfords pride themselves in knowing your property and area inside out.
  • Excellent presentation. Redfords believe that our advertising and individually tailored online ads will attract the best of tenants for your property. Their vetting skills have been honed over years of experience, to ensure that the “Tenant from Hell” does not enter your property.
  • Redfords Properties are independently owned and operate with a professional and committed team with many years of experience in their local areas in Sales, Acquisitions, Lettings and Property Management
  • Redfords Properties will help you to get the best possible price when renting your home.
  • Redfords Properties promise to deliver exceptional service to you, the landlord, through their professional, energetic and empathic people. Working continuously to ensure every landlords unique needs are understood, valued and delivered upon.
  • Quality customer care is a huge focus in Redfords with regular feedback to landlords through every step of the campaign.

Redfords have an existing extensive database of tenants ready to be matched to your property.

Redfords have an existing extensive database of tenants ready to be matched to your property.

Redfords Properites Staff

Redfords Properties staff are chosen not just for their expertise in the Cork market, but for the added value they provide in the process of renting and managing your property. And because they know that negotiating a rent is not the end of a process but where the hard work really begins, their management teams are constantly available to partner with you so they can overcome any challenges that arise.

Take the hassle out of finding tenants

“Avoid Tenants from Hell, while maximizing Your Profits and Increasing Your Wealth” – By Pat Clancy

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